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Financial Analysis

In business, a situation can quickly become agonizing when the results do not match your expectations. When your company experiences financial difficulties, it is our job to free you from your debt and your worries. By carrying out a complete financial analysis, our professionals can determine which actions need to be taken. So, whether you would like to act to...

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Financial Ratios

Ratio calculators are excellent tools to quickly create the financial portrait of a company. They enable users to anticipate problems by measuring certain data, such as the solvency and indebtedness of a company. Please contact a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) or an administrator at Ginsberg Gingras for help interpreting your financial ratios or to learn more about what they mean....

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Company Restructuring

Informal restructuring serves to solve short- or medium-term financial problems. This solution enables the company to apply turnaround measures without having to resort to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. A company can consider this solution if it has few creditors, if the cause of insolvency is already known, and if turnaround measures can be rapidly applied. If the situation allows,...

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Commercial Bankruptcy

Corporate bankruptcy may be considered when the capital to restart a company is lacking, when profit expectations are put into doubt, or when the directors lack the desire to continue their commercial activities. A company in a difficult financial situation can resort to the services of a Ginsberg Gingras Licensed Insolvency Trustee for an orderly resolution. An insolvent company is...

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